“Putting Faith in Hate: Religion as the Source and Subject of Hate Speech” – Prof. Richard Moon

Image of poster for event "Putting Faith In Hate: Religion As The Source And Subject Of Hate Speech".November 26, 2012

“Putting Faith In Hate: Religion As The Source And Subject Of Hate Speech”

Professor Richard Moon (University of Windsor)

12:30pm – 2:00pm, Room 2027, Osgoode Hall Law School

RSVP Required: www.osgoode.yorku.ca/research/rsvp, Event Code: LRST4

Many recent hate speech cases involve religion either as the source of views that are alleged to be hateful or as the subject of such views.  The particular difficulty of these cases can be traced to a crucial ambivalence in our conception of religious adherence: is religious commitment a personal judgment that is, in theory, revisable, or is it a central element of an individual’s identity?  Hate speech regulation depends on the distinction between attacks on an individual or group and attacks on an individual or group’s beliefs, which must be open to (even harsh and intemperate) debate.  Yet our complex conception of religious adherence complicates this distinction in a variety of ways.

Richard MoonRichard Moon is a Professor in the Faculty of Law, University of Windsor.  He is the author of The Constitutional Protection of Freedom of Expression (Toronto 2000) and editor of Law and Religious Pluralism in Canada (UBC 2008).

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